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Cyberbullying through anons and trolling (trolling is when someone purposefully write upsetting comments/messages on blog posts, articles, chatroom forums, etc.) is the darker side of social media that does not get as much attention as it should, especially since we spend more time on our computers, tablets, and smartphones than we do interacting with people.

If we want to make social media a more open and safe space for everyone, we have to discuss what is really going on, and how it impacts our online experiences. Bullying in the Chatroom – An Experience I Will Never Forget: In summer 2009, I had joined a chatroom that a then nationally syndicated radio show host had created on their website.

There was a woman who was getting called every name but the child of God by several male chatters.

They called her a liar, and a few misogynistic words that I will dare not repeat on here.

This campaign aims to unite communities, local and nationwide, through activities, education, and awareness building during the observance period.

In the month of October, schools and organizations by the hundreds sign up as partners to respond to bullying behaviors that exist and work to shift the way students, parents, and community residents view bullying from being simply “child’s play” or a “rite of passage” to a serious, and at times, life-threatening issue that needs to be addressed.

National Bullying Prevention Month was established in 2006 by the PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center.

Exposing the Darker Side of Social Media: Sadly, I have seen many disabled bloggers share brutally painful remarks by anons.

Many of those bloggers are like the ones that my friend followed – they are usually going through periods of mental and/or physical health challenges, or life struggles, and anons view their vulnerabilities as opportunities to tear them apart.

Several weeks later, some of the same chatters who were involved in the first bullying incident I witnessed made me their target when I tried to stand up for myself against a female chatter. In the chatroom, I made it known that I was disabled, and that was used as the weapon of choice by the bullies.

They called me almost every disgusting, derogatory word and phrase you could utter to someone who had a physical disability.

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    The revolution it envisions is a moral one, which begins with the personal, stressing awareness of God and self through piety, study, and self-discipline, and moves through family and out into the larger society.

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